“Womenpreneur” provides women entrepreneurs across the MENA region a unique platform to connect with experts in business.  It brings together 10 women entrepreneurs, every year, to develop their businesses, their capacities and showcase their offering services.

It advances the full participation of women entrepreneursin the MENA region through their professionaland personal empowerment.

Womenpreneuridentifies high potential women-owned social profit enterprises, which are on the cusp of growth, through our one-year competitive program to support growth-oriented women business owners to take their businesses and leadership to the next level.

Target Group: Who can apply?

Womenpreneur is seeking applications from women business owners and entrepreneur from The Middle East and North Africa who:

  • Own a business that has been in operation for at least from 1 year to 3 years,
  • Any field area,
  • No age limit,
  • Willing to involve other women in their projects;
  • Their plans stand to generate social impact in their communities,
  • Are motivated to develop the skills and make the change needed to grow their business,
  • Are committed to participate in a one year program and access to business growth opportunities,
  • Must be able to attend an intensive 1 hour preparation session, to explain the process of the training.
  • Attend the two mandatory sessions on “mobile technology” and “story-telling”
  • Provide us with updates on their businesses and achievements.

The program content:

The selected entrepreneurs will gain knowledge and skills in the following topics:

  • Business Planning :
    Our pool of experts assists women entrepreneurs to create or improve a business plan, business growth goals and a plan to achieve those goals.
  • Financial literacy:
    The mentors help assisting the entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge on finances management and assist them with their funding-campaigns strategies.
  • Networking :
    Guiding the entrepreneurs to new networks to promote their business and successfully utilize new connections.
  • Understanding the market :
    Helping the entrepreneurs to understanding the regional and global market, the challenges and the opportunities on how to expand existing markets and access new ones.
  • Knowledge building:
    Provides practical information, expertise and advice on topics such as leadership, social entrepreneurship, business communications, marketing, branding…
  • Personal development:
    Several researches indicate that lack of role models and low self-confidence continues to be the one of the main challenges facing women entrepreneurs, we provide female entrepreneurs personal sessions to develop their inner-power to become more confident.

Other needs may arise according to the needs of the selected mentees, the mentors will respond accordingly. Some mentees may address specific questions on particular field areas; the selection committee will make sure to match the needs of the mentees to their mentors according to their professional expertise.

Some mentees may be assisted by more than one mentor depending on their needs, if require different expertise approaches.

How do we select the entrepreneurs?

A selection committee consisting of advisory committee and management team evaluate the applications according to the following criteria:

  • The application form,
  • The applicant’s drive, motivation and commitment to social impact,
  • Presentation of their business,

About 20 shortlisted applicants are called for interviews as a second step in the selection process. The interviews are conducted through Skype. 10 successful applicants will receive an offer to participate in the programme.

Worth: what can I gain from the Womenpreneurprgram ?

Strengthened knowledge, skills, and confidence in six core areas, business planning, leadership, financial management, personal development, networking and marketing.

  • Access to potential partners and diverse network.
  • Get assisted by international known experts
  • Receive a certificate of completion
  • Opportunities for referrals to business support tailored to their needs
  • International media coverage of their stories and initiatives.
  • Program is conducting in three languages (English, Arabic and French), depending on the mentees language skills.
  • At end of the program, one mentee will be awarded a prize of completion.

Participation to the Program means approval and commitment to abide by the rules and procedures of this Program.

Indicative Calendar of the Program

Call for participation 19/09/2017
Deadline for submission of Applications 15/11/2017
Notification of results of the evaluation of applications and communication to the shortlisted candidates 20/11/2017
Selection of the 10 successful application 01/12/2017
The official start of the online entrepreneurial training From: 15/12/2017-15/07/2018


The applicant needs to submit their application form and business presentation, to this address: info@womenpreneur-initiative.com

We accept application in English, Arabic or French.

Download the application form from here