Short bio:  Azza was born and raised in Mansoura and now she lives in Alexandria. In 2008, she graduated from Alexandria University with Bachelor degree on Fine Arts, and received her Master Degree on Interior Design, in 2014. Her business idea started when she was student in her third year at the university, she studied stained glass, and became fascinated with the designs of glass art, and studying glass art was light inspiration to start her business.

Her initiative is a workshop for manufacturing stained glass panels which use in decoration, combining her research with her passion for architecture, she made various pieces: doors, windows, Ceiling, mirrors, small gifts. Azza got an award of Best Project idea 2015 from Intilaaqah shell Egypt and award of Health and Safety 2016.

Azza’s social business concentrates on women’s work to enable them to be efficient members of the Egyptian society. She wants her project to be a place where young women work to get income and be powerful.


Age: 31

Country: Egypt

Sector: Glass Art

Role: Founder


Customization decorative glass forms including: (doors, ceilings, mirrors, lighting units, small gifts…)

Date of creation: November, 2015

Website: Website under construction

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