Short bio: Dina launched her business “Kingdom of medical bee” when she was only 23 years old, it is a healthy medical project. It consists of cosmetics medical basic components of natural plants, which have good effects on health

Four years ago, when Dina was doing her Bachelor on Chemistry Science at the University of Taiz, she was interested in AVI Scientific Research (chemical analysis) and cosmetic products in the market, she found that more than 28 skin products contain harmful chemical elements, complex compounds that are the basis of the destruction of human cells. Since then, Dina started looking for ways to cut down the use of industrial cosmetics, and replace them with natural elements, including botanical for the skin treatment, and the renewal of cells, as the revitalization of the circulatory system.
Dina’s project has been nominated as “most innovative scientific project” in different international events and platforms.


Age: 26

Country: Yemen

Sector: medical bee

Role: Founder & CEO

Product: Natural beauty product

Date of creation: 2013


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