Short Bio: Layla’s business started as a hobby, she always loved art and design, on her son’s first birthday she wanted to buy him a special cake, she couldn’t find anything as she pictured, then she decided to bake it herself. It wasn’t an easy task as material was not available in her area, despitethechallenges, she made a special decent cake for her son. Then in 2015, she started her own business Looly’s Bakery, designing and serving special cakes for special occasions. Her first clients were friends and family members, demands on her cakes visibly increased when she launched her Facebook page, “technology made my business reachable to many potential clients in Sudan”.

Layla is a working mom from home, she faced challenges to find a job with regular hours that would allow her to take care of her son as well, “limited chances for working moms in Sudan has pushed me to launch my business, so I can take of my son as well”.

Today, Looly’s Bakery was named the first creative cake designer in Sudan, it has reached more than 200 customers, with more than 3000 followers on social media.

Layla has succeeded her mission in enabling herself with being an independent working mom, and as many of Sudanese women are going through the same challenges, she is joining Womenpreneur to develop her skills and learn how to support other women in her community to become successful andindependent.


Age: 28

Country: Sudan

Sector :Bakery

Role :Founder and Executive Director Product: cakes Date of creation:August, 2015

Website :

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