Short bio: In the heart of Amman and hidden down a narrow alley in Rainbow Street, Falak is a venue that perfectly combines the music, culture, and art.

Falak was created by Maysoon to bring together women who have mutual interest in art and media (painting, photography, filmmaking, recycling). They always used to work from home on their own projects and rent a space to organize their exhibitions and workshops, but that made them restricted in terms of time. Maysoon struggled to find a place where they can all belong to; but she then found a space, she along with her team built it all over, and now it is place where they hold different activities related to art.


Age: 25

Country: Jordan

Sector: Art & Media

Role: Founder


Art exhibitions, outdoor cinema, and workshops related to (Arts, filmmaking, photography and recycling.

Date of creation: April, 2016

Website: Website under construction

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