Short bio:  Rania is an engineer; she graduated from Jordan University of Science and Technology – Faculty of Agriculture-production plant in 2009.

She owns a gallery Plants interior and Landscape and design of the garden (three-dimensional, two-dimensional). She was named the first Agricultural engineer woman in Irbid, she has become a role model for several female engineers. She was the first to introduce plants Dutch interior to Irbid and worked on tariff card containing the needs of plants (fertilizer, irrigation, lighting …..). Through her business she is landscaping and designing gardens in various ways depending on her clients’ needs and suitability for the region. Rania herself trains Female engineers from her town every six months. Rania was awarded the “City Bank” prize for her social business, among many other awards.


Age: 29

Country: Jordan

Sector: Garden Industry

Role: Founder

Product: Design gardens

Date of creation: 2013


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