Short bio:  Soukaina got her engineering degree in industrial engineering in 2012, then she worked for two years in firm of engineering consultants specialising in the energetics efficiency and renewable energies , and then she got inspired to create MSLEAN company that aims to solve the issue of energy dependence in her country Morocco.

Morocco suffers greatly from its energy dependence, importing 97% of its coal and oil energy needs, so the energy cost is high. This problem led her to use her expertise in energy science to support small enterprises, agricoles cooperatives and also projects of artisans to streamline its energy use and help them take advantage of solar energy as another source of energy.
This initiative could control and minimize the energy consumption in order to increase profitability of their project and protect the environment from excessive use of fossil fuels.

Energy dependence is a major problem that prevents the small investor to invest also, threatens the environment due to the rejection of coal and Oil combustion in the air.
Soukaina’s project MsLean aims to support small business and agricultural cooperative by giving them various solutions adapted to their needs in order to better rationalize and optimize their electrical energy utilization also, to improve the quality of their services offered to consumers. For example the company encourages them to:
– Using the equipment that bears the label “Energy Star”;
– Proposing solar pumping instead the electrical pumping;
– Using solar power as an energy source.


Age: 27

Country: Morocco

Sector: Renewable energy.

Role: Founder


  • Training
  • Energy audit
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Building & installation of energy facilities

Date of creation: February, 2015


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