Womenpreneur Initiative & Women in Business are partnering up to empower #Women

Womenpreneur & Women in Business join forces in empowering women to take their leadership to the next level. The two respective organisations share a common vision for women’s future; to exceed and excel. Women in Business is a platform for female entrepreneurs in Brussels. The organization aims at promoting, supporting and guiding women through their […]

An Audience with Prof. Sarah Baatout: Women in Space (Brussels, Belgium)

Why people thought women cannot be astronauts? Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman to go into space in 1963. She proved that the sky is no longer the limit for women interested in science or any other field they wish to pursue. However, more than 540 people who have been to space, only 59 of those […]

Roundtable with Ms. Shirin Ebadi, Nobel Peace Prize for democracy and human rights

As a result of gender discrimination, women have suffered throughout history: suppression of identify, lack of social recognition, usurpation of legal rights and economic dependence.  We have however come a long way in narrowing the gender gap and thus recognising women’s humanity.  But there is a lot more to be done in our endeavour of […]

Womenpreneur Featured at Social Enablers as Change-Maker Organization

As part of Social Enablers celebration of female entrepreneurs who are making real difference in their communities, we are profiling one of the inspiring social entrepreneurs “Sana Afouaiz” who shared with us her inspiring journey on why she created Womenpreneur Initiative as a way to foster women’s economic participation in the MENA region. Woman power […]

North South Centre of Council of Europe is proudly supporting Womenpreneur Initiative.

The support will mainly focus on fostering female entrepreneurship initiative in the Middle East and North Africa, the partnership aims also to strengthen the bridge between Europe and the MENA region for women empowerment. Moreover, NSC focuses on supporting actions to increase competitiveness of female led small and medium enterprises through Womenpreneur Professional Entrepreneurial Programme.

Zawya Thomson Reuters covered the MoU signed between Womenpreneur and Arab Business Leaders (“ABL”) fostering women’s access to economy

The business organisation Arab Business Leaders (“ABL”) and Womenpreneur have signed a MoU to foster Women’s empowerment in the MENA region. 06 October 2016 The business organisation Arab Business Leaders (“ABL”) and Womenpreneur have signed a MoU to foster Women’s empowerment in the MENA region. The two entities agreed to work on programs to develop […]

North South Centre of Council of Europe Recognizes Womenpreneur Initiative

13-09-2016] –   Former participant of the first training of trainers on Structured Participation of Young Women in Democratic Processes, in September 2015,Sanaa Afouaiz has recently launched recently the organisation Womenpreneur, to support women entrepreneurs from the Middle East and North Africa regions to grow scalable businesses, accompany them through the process of delivering their initiatives […]