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Anti-Corruption Award from Transparency International 2018

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Deadline: 15 July 2018.


Transparency International invites remarkable individuals and organisations worldwide, including journalists, public prosecutors, government officials and civil society leaders to participate in the Anti-Corruption Award 2018. The award has a profound impact as it may contribute to social, political and economic developments in the countries to which they relate. Winners are a source of inspiration to the anti-corruption movement because their actions echo a common message: that corruption can be challenged.


-Nominees must have undertaken an action that is likely to significantly influence, or to have had a significant impact on existing levels of corruption in their respective country or region.

-The action must be one likely to attract interest and emulation in other parts of the world.

-The action must be particularly courageous and exemplary, inspirational and deserving of wide international recognition.

-The action must recognise the longevity of commitment to fighting corruption.

-The award may be conferred to a person (or an organisation) discharging official or professional duties as well as to activists from all walks of life.

The following categories of nominees are ineligible to apply: individuals or organisations of questionable integrity or goals, members of Transparency International, individuals or organisations that submit self-nominations.

Selection criteria:

IMPACT: Fighting corruption is possible and can have impact on society and public good, and the action includes as many people affected by the act of corruption; rather than being solely an individual effort.

COURAGE: The action must be courageous and exemplary, inspirational and deserving of international recognition.

SUSTAINABILITY: The recipient should recognize the longevity of commitment to fighting corruption.

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