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    Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Award for Environmental Management in the Islamic World

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Deadline: 31 December 2018


The Award is destined to encourage and stimulate interest in joint environmental action in the Islamic world and openness to global experiences in the protection of the environment from an Islamic perspective, while working towards preserving its resources and addressing sustainable development issues in general, through  recognizing the merits of the efforts of individuals and institutions concerned with the management of natural resources for the benefit of present and future generations alike.


-Best individual or collective research, achievement or practice in the environment and sustainable development, particularly those addressing specific environmental issues of concern to or may potentially benefit the Muslim world.

-Best practice in environment and sustainable development projects or activities in the public sector in the Member States.

-Best practice in environment and sustainable development projects or activities in the private sector in the Member States.

-Best leading practices or activities in the environment and sustainable development in non-governmental organizations that can be replicated in the Member States.

-Best environmentally-friendly Islamic city that meets the conditions and commitments to achieve environmental, social and economic sustainability.


-The total value of the Award is US$280,000 (two hundred and eighty thousand US dollars) covering the four categories.

-Three winners shall be selected for each category.


Participation shall be open to all stakeholders involved in environmental management and sustainable development (individuals, groups, institutions, organizations, companies, associations etc, be they public, private or non-governmental) from the Islamic countries. Provided that they:-Fill in the nomination form, for the category concerned, available on the electronic platform.

-Submit the nominees’ CV.-Submit a written affidavit stating that the work has never won any other prizes.-In case of collective work, the submission must include a written consent of all participants, and specify the recipient’s name to which the Award check should be issued.

-Submit a comprehensive report describing the submitted project, its innovative aspects, its scientific results and its impact on the environment and sustainable development at the local or global levels and possibilities of its implementation in the member states.

-The projects may be provided in Arabic, French or English.

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