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The Oxford Muse

Website: The Oxford Muse

Their aim is to pioneer new methods to improve personal, professional and intercultural relationships in ways that satisfy both private and public values.

They are called the Muse because they bring together people who want inspiration to think more imaginatively, to cultivate their emotions through practice of the arts, to understand the past better and to have a clearer vision of the future. The Muses of mythology were not teachers or lawmakers but catalysts who brought excitement and a divine spark into everyday lives, enabling people to see and to say what normally they dared not; they asked not for worship but to be celebrated in festivity, banquets, song and dance. Our aim is to enable people to become muses to one another.

The Muse was established in 2001 on the basis of ideas developed by Theodore Zeldin. It is registered as a charitable trust in the UK and as a non-profit Foundation in the USA.