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What Women Want Magazine

Website: What Women Want

Since its launch in 2006 WHAT WOMEN WANT MAGAZINE has established itself as one of the leading women’s magazines issued monthly in English. Our reader is the modern Egyptian woman who wants to read real deal stories of real deal women, be up-to-date with the latest trends in fashion and know what’s new on the home & decoration front, get the latest insights on career development, and so much more. They speak their minds, sincere and with integrity, aiming at offering women a good read that equally stimulates intellect and entertains.

The team says: “Behind every great magazine are great women…is that too bold to say? Well, I guess so but why not be a bit over the top? I would like to introduce some of these great women that make up What Women Want…Magazine. They have researched, investigated, asked, exposed, revealed and most of all invested lots of passion and energy into their writings. I thank you all for loving what you do ‘coz it shows! Keep it up, Ladies!”