Since its establishment in 2016, Womenpreneur has reached thousands of women and convened over 20 global events across different countries, providing visibility, social impact, and resources for women in the ecosystem and beyond.

Womenpreneur has been nominated change-making initiative by the World Bank, organised initiatives and events for more than 3000 participants in the last 2 years, and has representatives in 10 countries.  More info here:

Our ambassadors organise and represent Womenpreneur at events, share and promote our messages and take part in social campaigns throughout the year.

Thanks to our community of supporters and ambassadors our impact is global. Do you want to empower women? Do you want to organise Womenpreneur events & hubs in your country? Do you want to represent Womenpreneur in international and national events?

We provide our ambassadors media visibility, a global community, networking opportunities and career transformation.

Do you want to be part of the change? Then apply and become our Ambassador