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  • Confrence
  • DATE :
    10 March 2018
  • REGION :

Maker Faire Cairo

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THE GREATEST makers’ gathering

For the fourth time, on March 10, the fourth annual Maker Faire Cairo is taking place in the land of all wonders, the Smart Village, organized by Fab Lab Egypt in collaboration with the American Center Cairo. Given the tough economic situation Egypt is going through, the venue alone will encourage any visitor to adopt Maker culture, to “Make” their way through, surviving in style!

Imagine hearing the roars of DIY-made cars competing, and walk south into an alternate world of a cosplayers’ convention.. If you’re smelling the chemicals reacting and shooting up to the sky, then you’ve definitely just passed by the Super Science Show. And no you’re not hallucinating; those are real-life Robots, in a real-life fight.

  • 25000 Attendees
  • 450 Exhibiting Maker
  • 150 Hands-on Activities
  • 100 Speeches & Talks

Venue: Smart Village-26 Cairo – Alexandria Desert Rd، Giza Governorate


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