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    3 May 2018
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Teaching Entrepreneurship Summit 2018

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Deadline: February 28, 2018.


The Global Business School Network invites educators from business schools, universities, international organizations and community-based centers to a 2-day summit in Morocco to strengthen and inspire their work teaching entrepreneurship. Delegates will exchange knowledge and practice with peers from within the region and across the globe. They will leave with information and ideas to more fully develop and support their entrepreneurship training, including innovative approaches to teaching and program design, and ways to adapt and integrate those ideas in their own programs. GBSN’s inaugural Teaching Entrepreneurship Summit will feature models and issues salient in the Middle East and North Africa, with lessons that can be adapted and applied in developing regions around the world.

The summit will convene colleagues from across the globe with a shared interest in strengthening entrepreneurship education to:

  • Discover innovative models for entrepreneurship education ranging from high-tech to high-touch
  • Learn what entrepreneurs, and the people who fund and support them, want educators to know
  • Share experiences, best practices and lessons learned with international peers
  • Develop ideas for adapting others’ innovations to enhance existing programs
  • Explore opportunities for new projects and partnerships

Submitting process:

Applicants may submit one (1) proposal to be considered for a full summit session.

Answers must be typed or pasted into the boxes provided in the online form. Please clearly describe the topic proposed, the format of the session, the panelists involved and how they will contribute to the overarching goal of the summit. Note that there is a 250-word limit for all short-answer questions with the exception of the title of your proposal, which has a 15-word limit. Applicants are encouraged to be specific and concise.

Submissions must include:

  • Name and Contact information for the Point of Contact for the submission (does not necessarily need to be the lead presenter)
  • Name, title, institution and contact information for all proposed presenters/facilitators (up to 3)
  • Overview of the content of the session (250 word limit)
  • Description of the interactive structure of your session and how you will meaningfully engage participants (250 word limit)

The following additional fields will be required for the areas below:

  1.  Topics and emerging issues for entrepreneurs that are important for educators to address:
    ·  Topic or emerging issues and why you believe these are important (250 word limit)
  2. Innovative pedagogy, teaching tools or program design:
  • Describe the innovative pedagogy, teaching tools or program design (250 word limit)
  • Explain the “innovative” aspect of the proposed methodology (250 word limit)
  • Provide an overview of the format of your proposed workshop

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Application Process

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