Womenpreneur, Brussels-based organisation, was founded in 2016, and since its establishment has reached thousands of women and convened more than 20 global initiatives across Belgium and MENA region, to drive visibility, social impact, and resources for women in the ecosystem and beyond.

Womenpreneur has been nominated change making initiative by the World Bank, organised initiatives and events for more than 5000 participants in the last 3 years, and has representatives in 10 countries.

At Womenpreneur, we advise United Nations and the European Union, corporate and other international institutions on women’s’ empowerment, inclusion, diversity and gender policy.  Womenpreneur has been named among SE100 most inspiring Social Innovations and Social Entrepreneurship initiatives by Social Enablers. We have been heavily involved in SDGs discussions, helped to draft resolutions and recommendations and designed to promote women empowerment.

Womenpreneur’s representatives and members spoke in more than 40 countries at universities, panel discussions and international events. Womenpreneur appeared on various channels and media; at the Huffingtonpost, Devex, PeopleTV, El Pais, NATO Association, Le Matin, Orange Magazine…