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Opening for a Content Writer at FORSA

Apply here!

Deadline: 20th June 2018


Forsa.com is looking for a content writer who is interested in furthering the website’s aim to make opportunities universally available to work at Forsa. Applicants are required to meet the following criteria:

-Proficiency in Arabic and English with the ability to express and formulate ideas in the appropriate language

-Ability to make deadlines

-Creative and innovative writing style

-Ability to translate texts from English to Arabic and vice versa and demonstrate command in English and Arabic grammar

-Excellent research skills

-Enthusiasm and desire to improve work performance

-Demonstrated independence in work and attention to details


The successful applicant will have the opportunity to get full-time employment if they prove their role in the institution and their passion to work with the team; as well as working in a friendly work environment, gaining experience and developing his/her level in both Arabic and English by working with a team of individuals from different nationalities and cultures.

Application Process