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Teamleader is hiring!




Teamleader is a SaaS technology company headquartered in Ghent, Belgium. They provide a cloud-based solution for CRM (customer relation management), project management, and invoicing. Their ultimate goal is to help European SMEs work smarter. To check out their CRM tool click here! https://www.teamleader.eu/features/online-crm

Teamleader is in constant flux. Once it began to take shape, funding was raised through 3 consecutive funding rounds: a Seed Round of €1 million in May 2014, Series A of €2.5 million in May 2015, and Series B of €10 million in November 2016) to further fuel our growth. We’re excited what the future holds!


Teamleader is…


Teamleader is accessible; we think and act from the perspective of a growing business, just like our customers. We’re local, we’re friendly. We’re the kind of company you would like to chat with over a beer (or cava) – not the kind that’s only concerned about the bottom line.


We believe in optimising CRM, invoicing, and project management. Yes, there are numerous tried and true ways of working, but there are also smarter improvements that come with digital and the cloud. We capitalize on these with intuitive design so you can work better.


We want to help growing businesses thrive – after all, your success inspires ours. That’s what makes our product a collaborative effort; we think carefully about answers to our customers’ everyday business problems. And we’re not satisfied until it works.

A thought leader

Work evolves constantly; Teamleader delivers relevant insights so users can build, organise and collaborate. We offer valuable content to our customers, partners and community on how to boost business; we give workshops on lead management, hold talks on how to grow. In short, we inspire others by sharing ideas – enabling businesses to focus on what matters. The trust and credibility we earn makes Teamleader a sustainable partner for the long term.

A resource

Teamleader is an affordable solution that provides users with data, tutorials, reports, how-tos, integrated tools – and excellent customer service. Users can rely on Teamleader to find helpful ways to optimise their methods and improve their workflow with well-designed software and new ideas.


Intuitive and easy-to-use means Teamleader clients benefit from a straight-forward product that is easy to integrate into their current way of working – saving precious time!


If you think this is the company for you, consider applying! You can find all opportunities below:



And more information here: https://www.teamleader.eu/about-teamleader

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