She believes that the companies and organizations that she works with can transform the world to make it a stronger, healthier and more vibrant place to live. Together we harness the power of technology, creativity, strategic thinking, business savvy and a strong ethos to deliver award-winning products, services and experiences, keeping people at the center of every solution.

She practices research-driven, human-centred user experience (UX) design. It is crucial to understand deeply both the people at the heart of the challenge and the context within which they lie in order to design innovative solutions for them. UX design for her encompasses ethnographic research, storytelling, idea and insights generation, product strategy and development, interaction and UI design, IA and content strategy, and creative direction and branding.

For over 16 years she has inspired clients from Fortune 100s to start-ups and social enterprises alike to push the bar, think beyond the obvious and consider the long and short term impact of our solutions. She is sustainability minded and continues to remain focused on accessibility as it benefits everyone.