Muhammad Elsharebeni, 26 years old, has 5 years of work experience working for development and humanitarian organizations as Microsoft, ILO and Save the children. He has coordinated a wide range of programs, contributed to all phases of developing programmed including planning, implementation of the programmes aiming for the women economic empowerment, especially Singel mothers and SGBV cases.

He worked for almost 2 years as a livelihoods coach, delivering a package of economic empowerment training and dealing with Egyptians and Africans ,Syrians and Yemenis refugees to understand their challenges with lots of success stories especially as a coach to empower them, change/develop their ideas to be more cohesive and creative during and after the training.

Furthermore, he is working now as a livelihoods project officer at Save the children, he is working closely with the private sector to lead the partnership development through strategic management and good team building to create a conducive and trustworthy environment among stakeholders, for building a safe workplace for the beneficiaries.