Nada Mansour, 29 years, is a Tunisian engineer in industrial chemistry, but her passion for the media and more specifically the radio, led her to begin her professional career as a radio host in 2011 just after the Tunisian revolution.

An experience that began in 2011 Shems Fm, then Express Fm from 2012 to 2014, and from 2016 until now.

Nada is a journalist and animator who works on 5 main axes in her daily program Focus, and which are: Technology, Health, Education, Agriculture and Finance.

She hosts also a weekly radio show, Africa Express, in this show Nada works on changing how people look at africa, and she focuses on success stories made by African countries

She is known for her great mastery of these subjects, something that has helped to moderate the biggest economic events in Tunisia.

Her next step will be to appear on TV, where she wants to host a show that will help her country’s development.

Nada is also a life coach, who help people to develop their emotional and intellectual capacities in order to be more aware of their strength and achieve their goals.

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