Neeshad holds a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and resides in Doha, Qatar. He has been an educator, speaker and activist since university days on environmental education and human rights as well as working on numerous grassroots campaigns for various social justice issues that he cares about deeply. He is a youth environmental activist and outspoken climate change advocate, who campaigns extensively on social media platforms to raise the awareness about Climate change, Water/Energy conservation and Sustainable Development Goals. He has campaigned for social causes like education for all, gender equality and human rights primarily focused on improving the circumstances of and opportunities for Arab women. Neeshad has combined his interest in activism and social change with his passion for working with young people both online & offline, recognizing the passion and power youth have to bring about a more just world, and the opportunity to support them through his various campaigns. He is also an active member with numerous social & volunteer organizations in the Middle East Region and have written numerous article on various online and offline platforms.