Olfa is a young motivated Economics and Management student who has developed a passion for social entrepreneurship since her young age. It all started in high school, where she got the opportunity to participate and win Technovation challenge in Tunisia, a global competition that opened her eyes for the entrepreneurial system. Ever since she never missed a chance to participate in other entrepreneurship competitions. In fact, she managed to work with different teams and in different projects and secured to be a finalist and a winner in local and international competitions such as SPARK days, Injaz challenge, Youth Entrepreneurship Summer Program and Open Startup Tunisia.

Her most challenging experience was winning the Hult prize competition, which is the biggest for good for-profit social entrepreneurship competition in the world. Her team and she were the first Tunisian team to ever get selected for the Hult Prize accelerator, after going through an incubation with Biatlabs the biggest incubator in Tunisia. She was the co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of Stepricity, a startup that works on providing electricity to unelectrified schools. Besides, she was a writer for Vivamus magazine.
She believes that positive change is only possible with great belief and determination.