Omnia is the Co-founder and CEO of Mazadah, an award-winning IT service company. After earning her Bcs. degree in Architecture and Regional Planning Engineering, she gained a wealth of knowledge through five years of work experience with one of the world’s leading companies in Railway Business “The German Railways”, two of which as an expat in the Gulf region and in Germany. Omnia has entered the entrepreneurial field by starting “Mazadah” in 2012, contributing to the building of the human capital and the development of the state of technology in the MENA region, focusing on (Linux and Open-Source). Mazadah today is the biggest Red-Hat Certified Training Partner in the MENA region, with operations in four Arab countries and expanding.
Because of her work and activism, Omnia travels often to attend international events; she has recently started “Waakeb” a YouTube channel through which she shares the inspiration, knowledge and experience she receives from these events with youth around the word.
Following her passion for sharing and sense of duty towards the development of her society, Omnia is now making the first steps towards building “Raakez”, which aims to develop the skills and networks of Arab entrepreneurs to be able to work professionally and compete regionally and internationally.
Omnia is a Shaper at the “Global Shapers” community (an initiative of The World Economic Forum), an alumni of “TechWomen” (an Initiative of the U.S. Department of State), a holder of an Executive Education Certification from Harvard, as well as the Libya Ambassador in the “New Einstein Forum”.