Salma’s expertise is in entrepreneurship from an investment and business development standpoint. She works as a Financial Analyst at Saudi Aramco Investment Management Company, making investment decisions in Private Equity, on behalf of Saudi Aramco’s pension plan with a constituent base of over 30,000 employees. She previously worked as a Business Development Analyst at Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Center “Waed,” where she launched the first coaching program called “Venture Zone” that taps into the human capital of Saudi Aramco in order to provide coaching support to budding entrepreneurs. The program was initially launched in Dhahran and later expanded to Riyadh and Jeddah, providing support to over 300 entrepreneurs.

Salma graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, MA with a triple concentration in Finance, Management, and Entrepreneurship and a minor in Political Science. She is interested in the interaction between business and government to influence society.