She was the Program Director of Enactus Morocco, an international non-profit organization in the field of social entrepreneurship, her role is to monitor the progress of 150 projects of the 60 teams of social entrepreneurs, competing to win the world cup, and to accelerate 60 of them to become strong SMEs . Touria was previously the administrative and financial assistant of project conducted by the United Nations Development Program, related to Climate Change Adaptation in Oasis Areas in Morocco. Touria has a bachelor in Finance, and a Masters in Business and Personal Coaching.                                                             Touria is fond of non profit organisations work, she’s been working and volunteering with NGOs since 2004. Starting as a human rights activist with Amnesty International, she was involved in many other organisations, working on women empowerment, education, fighting child abuse, student affairs, intercultural dialogue, youth engagement in public affairs, climate change, rural development, oasis preservation, to finally focus her energy on youth empowerment. She was selected as Future Leader by the Crans Montana Forum in 2013.