The selected entrepreneurs will gain knowledge and skills in the following topics:

Our pool of experts will assist women entrepreneurs to create or improve a business plan, skills training, and business growth goals and developing a plan to achieve those goals.

The mentors will help assisting the entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge on finances management and assist them with their funding-campaigns.

Guiding the entrepreneurs to new networks to promote their business and successfully utilize new connections.

Helping the entrepreneurs to understanding the regional and global market, the challenges and the opportunities on how to expand existing markets and access new ones.

Provides practical information, expertise and advice on topics such as leadership, social entrepreneurship, business communications, marketing, branding…

Other needs may arise according to the needs of the selected mentees, and it is up to the mentor to respond accordingly. Some mentees may address specific questions on particular field areas; the selection committee will make sure to match the needs of the mentees to their mentors according to their professional expertise.

Some mentees may be assisted by more than one mentor depending on their needs and their initiatives, if require different expertise approaches.