Women Live Forum


What is it?

Women Live Forum (WLF)is a meeting place where societal ideas and beliefs concerning gender and women empowerment are challenged, and where ideas for a creating a better future are developed.

Why WLF ?

WLF has been founded on the premise that our constructed realities fuel and drive individual and collective behaviours. Therefore, to understand properly the current complexities surrounding gender issues and related existing barriers to women participation, it is imperative first to examine the roots of the beliefs and conceptions that gave rise to such problems in the first place.
The main objective of the WLF is to contribute towards constructing better and safer communities, where false and outdated ideas and behaviours concerning gender no longer exist, especially when it comes to developing future social, political, economic and legal institutions.

How to …

The WLF will commence its mission by holding monthly meetings. Each meeting will focus on a controversial issue (see table below).
Most of the 2018 WLF meetings will be led by two panellists with different and ideally opposing views on the topic under discussion. Each panellist will speak for 10-12 minutes. This will be followed by an open discussion.
Each meeting will be recorded and live-streamed through social medias. Participants will leave with new ideas, possibilities and new ways of thinking.

WLF is a joint initiative of Womenpreneur and MC Academy for International Legal Studies.

Evening Talks

Successful women: the rule and not an exception

Women and history

Islam and Feminism

Women and sexuality

Women oppressing other women

The prostitute and the “perfect” woman

Assertive and confident but not complacent: the Art of expressing your opinion

Virgin butterfly: ideas can change the World