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Call for applications: a political journalism in Jordan

Apply/register HERE

Deadline: March 25, 2018.


CFI has just launched a call for applications for trainings in political journalism in Jordan, as part of the EU-JDID programme funded by the European Union.

CFI will conduct a series of 5-day sessions on political journalism during the year of 2018, performed by Mrs. Randa Habib. Each candidate may choose one session according to her/his wishes. The deadline to apply for the chosen session is March 25, 2018.

The content of the sessions will include different topics, such as professional ethics, the role of a journalist in communicating news, methods of conducting news coverage, conduct interviews with politicians and the communication of crucial information to the public.

For interested candidates, please fill in the form mentioned below in the preferred language:
Arabic form.
English form.


  • Be a Jordan national or residing in Jordan
  • Experienced in political journalism, or aspiring political journalist
  • Currently work as a journalist for a Jordanian media

For more information, please contact Mrs. Hana Khateeb, CFI’s Jordan coordinator for EU-JDID: hkb@cfi.fr

Click on the links to find out more on EU-JDID : http://democracy-support.eu/jordan/
and CFI’s activities within the project: http://www.cfi.fr/en/project/eu-jdid

Application Process