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Dubai International Program for Writing

Deadline: March 17, 2018.


Dubai International Program for Writing is one of the creative approach which contributes to enriching the intellectual and literary movement in the U.A.E and worldwide. The program was launched under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in October 2013.

The program is aimed at encouraging and empowering young talented writers from around the world who have displayed a flair for writing in various fields such as science, research, literature, fiction and poetry. At present, the program includes two categories. However, there are plans to include more categories that will support young talents with the right environment and sponsorship initiatives. The program will publish their work in Arabic and other languages in order to reinforce the value of Arabic writing at international standards.

First Category: Writing

A panel of experts in the areas of writing and publishing assess the writing samples submitted by the youngsters interested in joining the program, according to specific criteria based on talent and language skills. Talented writers who pass the evaluation stage join specialized training programs under the finest Arab and International trainers who have excelled in areas of writing such as fiction, poetry, history, science, research studies and so on. After the completion of the required training courses, MBRF will publish the works of the candidates in cooperation with reliable publishing houses inside and outside the U.A.E.

Second Category: Writer’s Exchange

An idea based on partnership agreements between the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation and International partners, the Writer’s Exchange involves a competition for young writers in the U.A.E and other countries in which the successful individuals will get to stay for a month in another country to understand each other’s cultures. They will then communicate their experiences and deeper insights of their stay to the readers through their works. The Writer’s Exchange is a great step forward in enhancing cultural awareness and contributing to the development of literature in the U.A.E or elsewhere.

The cooperation will lead to the publication of books in Arabic and the language of the participants from the other country, emphasizing the concepts of mutual learning, mutual cooperation and oneness of humanity.


  • Arabic speaking
  • Secondary school diploma

Application process:

To apply, please send your Arabic writing samples in areas of translation, short story, youth literature and other creative writing ares to dipw@mbrf.ae. Samples must be 100-300 words

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Application Process