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    Czech Republic

Redefine Next 100 Global Youth Program 2019


Global Arena Research Institute (GARI) is looking for cross-disciplinarity, innovative/new approaches, and out-of-the-box thinking. They’re looking for ideas that bring together both the fields of technology (data science, innovation, digitalisation, AI, etc.) and the fields of the social sciences (economy, politics, society, environment, natural sciences, etc.)

ReDefine Next 100 challenges young leaders to think outside the box, and look at the world through the lens of opportunity, promoting the use of technology and innovation to address global challenges. In 2018, from over 600 applications and more than 50 countries, GARI invited 13 ReDefiners to Prague to create innovative and unique proposals across wildly different domains. One team proposed a way to change the International Remittance System, another team provided a new way to manage energy flows, while the third proposed the creation of a database to help revamp the agriculture industry. We had delegates from the US, Uganda, Iran, El Salvador and Mexico as well as Russia and Germany. This is an unparalleled opportunity for young leaders committed to making a real impact on society through technology and innovation.



Evaluation criteria

We will evaluate your application based on 5 criteria:

  1. Your passion, experience and potential in innovation & technology and how it can be applied in your chosen field/topic of engagement/project.

  2. A passion for innovative, cross-disciplinary critical thinking

  3. Your knowledge of your chosen topic and the relevance of your active engagement. We encourage candidates to show how their activities have had an impact or to articulate the potential impact of their proposed project.

  4. Your role as a representative of an organisation, other youth or community, and your leadership experience or potential.

  5. The originality of the idea and depth of suggested solution to challenge.

(Submitting a video is not mandatory, if you don’t want to, it won’t disqualify your application, however, we recommend you do, as it most certainly will help it.)

Application Process