Womenpreneur Initiative

Female entrepreneurship is on the rise. More and more women are unlocking their creative minds to create innovative social businesses.

The issue is: how do they turn their ideas into reality? How do they access to information & investment? How do they deal with social constraints? And how can they tap the full power of new technologies and take part of the digital revolution?

Womenpreneur-Initiative is a Brussels based organisation, Our activities and initiatives are focused on Belgium and MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region, since 2016 we’ve reached and supported more than 15,000 women.

Our aim is to advance women’s place in entrepreneurial scene, technology, innovation & society. We meet our aim through a variety of innovative experiences, entrepreneurial activities, mentorship sessions, leadership programs, technology education, networking events and opportunities.


Womenpreneur, Brussels-based organisation, was founded in 2016, and since its establishment has reached thousands of women and convened more than 20 global initiatives across Belgium and MENA region, to drive visibility, social impact, and resources for women in the ecosystem and beyond.

Womenpreneur has been nominated change making initiative by the World Bank, organised initiatives and events for more than 5000 participants in the last 3 years, and has representatives in 10 countries.

At Womenpreneur, we advise United Nations and the European Union, corporate and other international institutions on women’s’ empowerment, inclusion, diversity and gender policy.  Womenpreneur has been named among SE100 most inspiring Social Innovations and Social Entrepreneurship initiatives by Social Enablers. We have been heavily involved in SDGs discussions, helped to draft resolutions and recommendations and designed to promote women empowerment.

Womenpreneur’s representatives and members spoke in more than 40 countries at universities, panel discussions and international events. Womenpreneur appeared on various channels and media; at the Huffingtonpost, Devex, PeopleTV, El Pais, NATO Association, Le Matin, Orange Magazine…

Management Team
Global Advisors
Associate Experts
Our Mission & Objectives
Management Team

Management Team

Sana Afouaiz

Founder & Director

Teresa De Vivo

Global Coordinator

Fatima Zahra Mouak

Regional Coordinator

Tamara Munoz

Communication and Project Manager

Valentina Nocera

Project Manager

Elena Ourdan

Project Manager

Andrei Dumbrava

IT Manager

Egwin Gonthier

Branding Consultant

Nicole-Alice Chempf

Regional Project Manager

Global Advisors

Global Advisors

Abeer Abu Ghaith

Ted Khoury

Patrick Menache

Victoria Heath

Associate Experts

Associate Experts

Anaïs Bouzidi

Founder of Strategy Academy

Lisa Trapletti

Director of LTR Consulting

Hassania El Youssfi

Director of Talentec Coaching


Sofie-Ann Bracke

Communication Coach

Johanna Suo

Director of Ifa Laboratory

Tamara Eeelsing

Diversity Manager at STIB-MIVB

Sabina Gishvarova

Director of Brand New Day

Our Mission & Objectives

Our Mission

Create a shift within societies by offering revolutionary discussions and impactful solutions that will accelerate the economic  and social development of women and communities.

Our Objectives