What is Womenquake?

Womenquake is a neutral place where existing ideas and beliefs concerning gender differences and women are debated and challenged; more important however, Womenquake is a movement that will nudge history towards a better future for humanity.

Why Womenquake?

Womenquake has been founded on the premise that our constructed realities fuel and drive our individual and collective behaviours. Therefore, to understand properly the current complex realities pertaining to gender and women issues, it is imperative
to revisit and critically examine the beliefs, the myths and the ideas upon which such realities are constructed.

The main goals of Womenquake are:
• To shake the foundations of the false and outdated ideas and beliefs that have driven human behaviour as far as gender and women issues are concerned;
• To seek and re-construct better foundational ideas for better human societies, and;
• To share innovative designs and models for future public policies.


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Ideas that may change the World.

Ideas that may change the World.