Mediterranean Tech Women Festival

Madrid, Spain - 30 November 2022


As technology becomes ever more integrated in our societies and everyday lives, it is of critical importance to foster equal opportunities for women and girls to thrive in and contribute to the emergent digital economy. Mediterranean Tech Women Network seeks to foster empowerment and development in the future innovative industries. 

The Mediterranean Tech Women Network connects women across the Mediterranean for networking, learning and exchanging about talent, opportunities, support, and how to break new grounds to support thriving and sustainable innovation. While many women- and tech-centred formats (also with regional focus) already exist, there is to date no Mediterranean tech network for women. We aim to fill that gap.

According to the April 2021 UNESCO Science Report “The Race against Time for Smarter Development,” women now represent 33% of all scientific researchers. However, in the fields most important to the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution (engineering, computing, physics, mathematics)—and in which there continue to be shortages of skilled laborers—women are still in the minority. Female-friendly start-ups still struggle to access adequate funding, with only 2% of all venture capital secured funneled to those founded by women. Addressing hostile work environments, parity in senior leadership, support for female STEM academics, and equitable educational opportunities must be paramount in tackling these ongoing gaps. 

For these and other reasons, MTWN provides spaces that expose women in tech to new skills, job prospects, and role models. MTWN focuses on creating sustainable economic opportunities for women by investing not only in training, but advocacy and policymaking centered on long-term economic collaboration in tech industries across Mediterranean countries. 

Note: MTWN is an initiative that followed Womenpreneur’s “Mediterranean Tech Women Week” (MTWW) in 2020 and launching event in 2021

Objectives of the MTWFestival

The aim of the MTWFestival is to connect female leaders across borders to create and multiply opportunities in the technology field for women and to provide role models for girls interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers. Encouraging dialogue amongst stakeholders and women representatives on common topics and concerns—but with different regional and cultural backgrounds—which shall contribute to bridging the considerable gap in knowledge and capacity between EU and non-EU countries and strengthen transnational economic collaboration.

MTWFestival will : 
  • Connect women through community support and spaces of synergy that generate economic opportunities across the Mediterranean;  
  • Give exposure to the successful stories of women in tech & innovative spaces;
  • Support, train, and encourage female tech entrepreneurship that grows local economies and boosts job creation;
  • Support women’s skills and resilience in times of crisis;
  • Engage in advocacy about issues related to women’s economic capital in and access to tech fields.
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Key Note speech

Hear from tech entrepreneurs, engineers, corporates, and innovators who use technology to create impactful change and solve both local and global challenges in society. This session aims to inspire you to be part of the solution.

The Mediterranean region constitutes a region that is full of possibilities and opportunities. This is not only thanks to its geographical importance and uniqueness particularity but also due to its diversity and cultural abundance. Recently, the region has improved its involvement in global trade and value chains; however, its current participation does not live up to its full potential. In the face of the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global economy, the Mediterranean is presented with a chance to turn this crisis into an opportunity. To do that, there are several things for governments, corporations, and individuals to consider, one of them being the need for increased connectivity. These critical issues, along with other vital considerations, will be discussed in this panel.

Amid the digital revolution, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, we come across the challenge but also the opportunity of creating an inclusive and just digital environment for women’s education, work, and social welfare. To succeed in this process means to improve women’s social and economic outcomes by offering them an environment in which they can grow, flourish, and fulfill their potential. The role of The Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence is of great importance for this collective effort. In this Q&A, Ms. Carme Artigas will provide answers to your questions about these issues and will discuss with you the Ministry’s current resilience action plan.

The advancement of tech entrepreneurship requires an increase in investment, thus, for the Mediterranean to become an entrepreneurial hub, the region needs to appeal to investors. At the same time, since entrepreneurial development depends upon investment, the extent to which this investment is inclusive and just towards women will directly reflect the inclusivity and gender equality in this emerging market. What is the role of financial institutions in this process? What can investors do to be more inclusive in their investments? These and many other topics will be discussed in this panel.

Rumor has it that AI is likely to replace routine jobs and repetitive tasks done by humans. Many feel intimidated by its concept but what could it be an opportunity to create equal societies and better humanity?

Tech Female Performer

At the end of the event, we will hand out a number of awards to women tech leaders who have earned them through their hard work, dedication, and creativity. Then followed by networking session.

The MWTN Festival hosts the “Women in Tech Awards” honouring women in tech in the Mediterranean. The ceremony will highlight key advancements of women from the previous year and present awards to selected women and companies for exceptional leadership, entrepreneurship, and technological breakthroughs. MTWN members, ambassadors, and the public are welcome to submit nominations. Kindly note that the final submission date is October 30, 2022.


You want to support closing the gender gap in tech? You want to build on your image as a gender equality advocate? You want to lead generational changes in the field of technology? You want to discover existing and future talents in the Mediterranean Region? Then join as sponsor for this year’s edition.


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