Amira Azzouz is an inspiring young woman entrepreneur who founded, an online platform, in 2009. is a fashion and lifestyle portal by Arab women and for Arab women to inspire them to live a life full of creativity. is available in both Arabic and English, covering daily topics related to fashion, beauty, health, lifestyle, weddings, art, videos and empowering women to mention a few. She says: “I was eager to cover as many important topics as I can that matter to Arab women. It is not only about fashion, but I also for other topics such as health and relationships”.

Amira graduated from the German University in Cairo with a pre-Master in Communications Engineering. She launched her website when she was still a student pushed by the will of creating a space where women could get inspired and feel connected with one another. Fustany has now more than 2.5 million followers. With her team she also decided to raise awareness through campaigns about important issues that Arab women are facing such as violence against women and breast cancer for example.

Moreover, recently she added business trainings to the services offered by Fustany, targeting women entrepreneurs who run their own businesses. They deliver trainings in varieties of topics like Digital Marketing, how to run a business effectively and so on. She explained: “I am delivering all these trainings by myself. I really care about educating women and how they can be financially independent by running and growing their businesses.”