Amy Mowafi co-founded MO4 Network in 2011 and it’s now a leading digital media hub & digital marketing agency with offices in Cairo & Dubai. They developed two very famous platforms in Cairo, Cairo Scene and Cairo Zoom which are amongst the most popular digital publications in the region.

Amy is also the author of the book : Fe-mail: The trials and tribulations of being a Good Egyptian Girl. She speaks about her dreams, her family, personal experiences but also talks her role as a woman in her country and what is expected from them. She doesn’t define herself as a feminist, she says: “I’m often asked if I’m a feminist. My answer is always a firm ‘no’ because I refuse to have my femininity define me”. However, she was taught that every woman can achieve her dreams and she adds: “if I have a daughter I will tell her she can do anything, and I will mean it, because I have no other intention of informing her otherwise. I hope she will be empowered to pick herself up, study harder, work longer, and exceed her own expectations. I don’t want my daughter to break any glass ceilings. I’d rather she never even contemplated their existence. Because glass ceilings, closed doors, and boys clubs are notions, they’re ideas, and they’re not tangible.”

She offers an interesting point of view on how as a woman in Egypt she succeeded and decided not to let a patriarchal society take advantage of her abilities.