Aya Hoteit is the founder of CIVVIES Designs which is an eco-friendly brand that provides uniquely designed textiles and fashion items. They imprint sustainable fabrics with carefully illustrated patterns to create items with an identity that stands out in any setting. Their production process is ethical and socially responsible where we empower vulnerable communities while fashioning a beautiful product.

Aside from her company, Aya has been active in many social and innovative projects in Lebanon, her home country. Indeed, she believes that mobilizing community members on social issues is the greatest way to help communities solve their problems. She is a real social entrepreneur and has proved it by receiving three prizes and distinctions that are: Finalist in Abillama 2014 Eco-Entreprenuership Award at AUB, International Biodiversity Day at AUB 2012 – IBDAA Award and Al Walid Model United Nations at LAU.

She says about herself: “I am always aspiring to innovate and seize every opportunity to improve self, community, environment and the world! (Or at least try to) As a zealous enthusiast for change and a chemical engineer, I am multifaceted enough to work in various domains, while constantly learning, to find inventive solutions for persisting problems in the local or global context.”.

Previous to her current company, Aya is also the founder of Deeds, which is the first community mobilizer in Lebanon. The company is organizing and executing community events, collaborations and campaigns that amplify the social impact desired by the different partners.