Halah is the Founder of Flagboxing Fitness which is a center where women from Saudi Arabia can train and learn different martial arts and fighting techniques. Her goal is simple, to empower women and to break the “male dominant” stereotype in the country. Halah, herself, has been doing martial arts since she was twelve. After graduating in Environmental Studies in San Diego (USA), she moved back to her country but couldn’t find a proper job. That’s why, once she had her NASM certificate, she decided to start her own training center and to become a personal trainer. Flagboxing stands for Fight Like a Girl Boxing.

She says: “I’m constantly surprised with the amount of attention this gets from the female population; I receive countless e-mails from women wanting to learn how to box”. She believes that: “girls are just as strong as men in boxing and kick boxing. It’s a stereotype and it’s unacceptable. There is no such excuse as “boxing is for men only”. Halah is the only female boxing and kickboxing trainer in Saudi Arabia.