Hayfa is an inspiring young woman, an entrepreneur, social activist and blogger from Tunis. In 2016, she founded Entr@crush, which is an online platform for future entrepreneurs, that contributes to the economic empowerment through offering networking and funding services and that spreads business knowledge through offering translated E-learning services. She says: “I founded Entr@crush, a new kind of online platform for Tunisian youth who have entrepreneurial ideas, to network with like-minded people, donors and entrepreneurs. It provides e-learning courses in a variety of topics, from management and accounting to communications, to prepare young entrepreneurs.”

At the age of 16, she was already involved in many activities, she was an organizer of the BIL Conference in Tunis, which consisted in managing a team of high school volunteers, creating and managing online content for a TEDX like conference, managing social media accounts and developing brand awareness and online reputation. In 2017, she was a youth advisor and facilitator for the UNDP Tunisia.

She believes that her blog, her advice and her story will push women to do more and want to develop their businesses. She explained: “For women who are not in the cities, this may be a way to take the first step towards gaining skills and starting businesses, without having to travel to the cities because everything is online.”

She adds: “One day, I want to wake up to find gender equality is real. I will stay out late that night; I will wear whatever I want to, without worrying about being harassed. I will be free to live by myself if I wanted to; I will earn as much as a man”.

Hayfa is currently studying at Paris Dauphine University in Applied Sciences, Business Administration and Management.