Ilham Kadri

Ilham Kadri is President and Chief Executive Officer of Diversey, a global leader in hygiene, cleaning solutions, food safety and infection prevention. U.S.-headquartered Diversey, owned by Bain Capital, has 9,200 employees and generates a turnover of $2.7 billion. Dr. Kadri is also board member at A.O. Smith, a U.S.-based leading global manufacturer and supplier of water heating equipment.

Dr. Kadri is a world citizen with Moroccan-French roots and professional experience across four continents. During her 22-year career, she has held diverse positions at top multinationals including Shell-Basell, UCB-Cytec, Huntsman, Rohm Haas-Dow Chemical and Sealed Air.

Her responsibilities have included research & development, strategy, business and digital in industries spanning automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, mining, water desalination, construction, consumer goods, food service, hospitality and healthcare. She has overseen transformations through multiple mergers and acquisitions.

Ilham Kadri led the turnaround of Diversey, starting in 2013, when she joined Sealed Air, the company’s owner at the time. She grew Diversey’s performance and in 2016, led the spin-off of operations which resulted in the acquisition by Bain Capital.

In October 2018, she has been elected as Chairman of the Executive Committee, member of the Board of Directors and CEO of Solvay Group.