The two women founded their company A New Earth in 2009. It’s the first fully certified organic store in the Middle-East. Their motivation to open such store was that they: “have become convinced of the benefits of eating organic food and using chemical-free beauty products”. They want to share their lifestyle and passion with as many people as possible. They : “believe that we have to move toward a cleaner, healthier, sustainable way of living, to rediscover our home, our planet, and to always remember that Earth is our host”.

Layane and Sabine both came from very different field of expertise but joined forces because of their common passion for health, nutrition and ecology. Indeed Layane holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law, a Master’s degree in International Business Law and Commerce and a Maitrise in International Law. While Sabine holds two diplomas. One in Advertising and Communications and the other in Marketing Communication and she’s also an active member of Association for Lebanese Organic Agriculture (ALOA). Together they build a unique store to push people towards a healthier and better way of living.