Maha Laziri is an inspiring young entrepreneur who founded Teach4Morocco in 2011. It’s a Moroccan association (NGO) based in Meknes which focuses on the state of education in the country and aims at improving it by building or rebuilding schools in Atlas villages. Maha’s primary goal is to bring awareness to the importance of a good education from the start for children living in the countryside. She believes that every child should have access to an education of quality and dream big.

In Morocco, a lot of people tend to have a very pessimistic view on the subject and believe that education is not a priority for their children. But, Maha aims at changing these opinions, she says: “How do we want our children to have dreams and give themselves the means to succeed, if, since their childhood, they hear that studies will inevitably lead to unemployment?”. It’s about changing mentalities and explaining to people how crucial it is for children to be schooled.

Every Teach4Morocco works on a new project in a different village and the entire community participates.

Maha Laziri was named one of the The World’s 100 Most Powerful Arab Women by the Arabian Business.