Mas Watad is known in Palestine and the MENA region for having designed in 2003 her own numerical system of classifying foods, and she called it Dawsat. Dawsat started as a unique numerical system of classifying foods that has since evolved into a mobile application, website, magazine, YouTube channel and physical wellness centers. 

Mas Watad didn’t only want to bring awareness about the importance of eating habits and eating healthy, she wanted people to actually change those habits. Dawsat aims to solve obesity and related health issues facing the Arab world, where six of the 10 fattest countries are located, and where high rates of diabetes are rife. Today, Dawsat has 20 core employees, 65 wellness center leaders working in Palestine, Jordan, UAE and London, and 30,000 users on its mobile application. Its Wellness Center in Tulkarem hosts 1,000 customers who attend weekly meetings.

Mas Watad has a Bachelor degree in Sciences of Nutrition from the University of Jerusalem.