May Abdel Asim is an Egyptian entrepreneur who founded Media & More in 2007, in Cairo.  She brought together a team of young, creative and dynamic professionals to form a creative boutique. It’s a full-service digital agency serving a wide array of reputable clients in Egypt and the Middle East. The idea of creating an agency came after the creation of What Women Want Magazine.

May started in the publishing and editing industry with this magazine after a career in marketing. She decided to launch her own business and pushed the boundaries and stereotypes existing in Egypt. Her magazine talks about sexuality, women’s health and body but also family-related questions, fashion and beauty. It’s a place for women to get informed and entertained without being afraid of breaking taboos still persisting in the Egyptian society. In 2010, she also launched the only travel magazine in Egypt published under Media & More, named The Travel Mag.

Mother of two girls, she wants them to be strong and independent women in the future, she says: ” I try to teach them to try hard, fail, and continue.  I hope that they will grow up to be free and happy women with free minds.” She also believes that : “we need to be out there and never take no for an answer. Most change-makers are female and it stems from seeing a certain injustice and wanting to free other human beings from it. Also, women are more likely to give back to their community so having more women in public life reflects positively on society.”