Mona Shibel is a self-employed mentor, consultant and trainer that helps women and men entrepreneurs to develop and thrive in their businesses. She has more than 22 years of experience and delivers training for major banks and corporate clients through training and consulting companies like Mentor Global Consultants, Fullbridge and 6 Sigma Group. In 2007 she founded, White Middle East Limited, which was an online business venture and blog.

She also participates in the #HashtagYourPotential event which is a workshop dedicated to learn people how to become a trusted and well-known expert in their industry by using online and offline techniques. She is one of the two main speakers and is the online business coach during the event.

Mona is an ardent feminist that believes in women entrepreneurship and has an Instagram page, WomenInBusinessMe, dedicated to inspiring quotes. She wants to empower women by supporting them in their achievements.