Nayrouz Talaat founded Direxiona in 2016. It’s Egypt’s first online platform that designed for each Egyptian girl to help her find her match with the nearest female driving instructors, based on time and location. It’s a platform that connects women to women and encourage them to help each other. All females who are driving on road for more than five years are invited to join as female instructors. “Our main vision is to empower large numbers of girls on the road, and make them feel more confident through our community that we hope will continue to grow successfully”.

With her company, she wants to help women be independent. In Egypt, women are facing harassment in public transportation and taxi and if they want to learn how to drive, the instructors are mostly men. She says: “within every 10 girls, 7 prefer to be taught on the hand of a female instructor”. Adding, “Direxiona will increase the number of women who want to be instructors providing employment opportunities for Egyptian women”.

Aside from developing her company, Nayrouz is currently the Head of Sector at the Egyptian Gazette Newspaper.