Nour Al Hassan is the founder of Tarjama which is a company that runs a translation service employing 400 full-time and part-time workers across the Arab world. About 90% of them are women. Tarjama, works with a vast network of translators, editors, and linguists around the world, well-situated to meet all your translation and content needs. They are now based in Abu Dhabi.

She founded the company in 2008 pushed by her will to empower women in her country Jordan. She wanted to give skilled women an opportunity to work and exploit their full potential despite being a mom. She explains: “The majority of jobs, high paid jobs go to men. If you go to employers today, due to maternity leave and other reasons, they prefer hiring a man versus a woman.” Because only 14% of women work despite high levels of literacy, for Nour, things must change.

Aside from Tarjama, Nour is also the co-founder of highly successful Jordanian-based luxury events company, Pinkmoon Events, which she continues to grow in her role as Business Development Director. In 2016, Nour was awarded the prestigious title of an Aspen Institute Fellow. She holds a Bachelor of Laws from the Al-Ahlia University in Jordan.

In 2017, she founded and is the CEO of Ureed, new online marketplace for editorial services such as Translation, Editing, Proofreading, Creative Copywriting, Localization, Adaptation, and other language related services.