Rasha Kashkoush co-founded Bilaal with Dana Salloum in 2013. It’s an online platform for all things Palestine. They wanted to make it easier for people to find the information they need about Palestinian organizations, individuals, and programs. They are independent of any government, political ideology, or religion and are dedicated to helping social, economic and cultural initiatives related to Palestinians.

Rasha developed this platform with Dana Salloum while working for another company as the Regional Director for Government Relations and Public Affairs. Then in 2016, she became the Head of Communications for Facebook in the MENA region and Turkey and started to work on the Facebook’s initiative #SheMeansBusiness. It’s a global training program for women entrepreneurs to optimize their use of the two social media platforms Facebook and Instagram).

Rasha is a mixed of Arab with Palestinian and Kuwaiti roots. She’s lived all over the Middle East, Europe, and North America. Passionate about all things Palestine, Rasha has a background in communications, policy, and social impact for multinationals. She regularly volunteers and loves connecting people to make things happen.