Shahira Fahmy founded MIX AND MATCH more than 35 years ago with the idea of providing young women separates where they could mix and match according to their size and height. Shahira said: “35 years ago, there was a big need for ready to wear women’s fashion. There was a ban on importing foreign brands and there were hardly any factories in Egypt providing that”. Therefore, she decided to launch her own ready-to-wear clothing line. When Shahira Fahmy launched the business, she was one of the early comers to an almost nascent fashion scene. She saw a niche market and developed it.

A few years later, Rola Hussein joined the adventure and their goal stayed the same, it’s about creating unique clothes that fits every woman no matter their sizes or tastes. They want them to feel beautiful and empowered.  They have been creating clothes for women that are timeless, eco-friendly with 100% natural cottons and linens all made in Egypt. It’s very important for them to carry on with the “made in Egypt” label to promote the country throughout the product.

The two women have been in the business for quite sometimes now and they don’t believe in the word impossible, everything can be achieved with hard work. Their advice for young women wanting to start their own company is: “Turn your idea into a plan, a short-term plan, then set goals and start! There is always a little risk taken in every decision we make, but it’s always worth trying.”