Rowaidah is the managing director at POD Egypt which is a full-service Advertising and Marketing Agency based in Cairo-Egypt, with a nationwide reach. They are specialized in Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing and Social Media. Rowaidah is considered as a PR Guru in her profession and excels at her job that she considers more of a passion. She says: “Being a very sociable person in my personal life also helped me to excel in the PR field. In fact, I took it as a challenge. I made it a point to start networking, and I really did. I never visit a place without making it a point to get to know someone new, even if that person is not related to my work”.

She is also convinced that women can succeed in every field and internationally, she says: “I believe that successful women are capable of succeeding anywhere in the world regardless of the social pressures they might face. However, the problem is in the perceptions and traditions of the Middle East as a whole. We perceive women as these fragile creatures who are worth preserving.” However, she sees a change happening and adds: “More women are taking leading roles as ministers for example. The change is happening and it will keep happening. All we have to do is remain patient and give it time. We are starting to learn our rights, fight for them and the best part is that we are acquiring a lot of these rights.”